"The Stormcloaks are named after Ulfric. He's a bad man, but don't tell the soldiers I said that."


Hrefna is a Nord child living in Darkwater Crossing.


She is the daughter of Tormir. When Tormir is not around, Sondas Drenim takes care of her. She walks around Goldenrock Mine during the day, carrying a pickaxe, but she rarely uses it.

When Derkeethus is missing, she admits she misses him. If and when he returns, she will say that she goes to swim with him in the river every now and then.

It appears that she doesn't like the Stormcloak rebellion, despite her family's support of it.

She mentions an elf named Meieran (which does not appear in the game) in conversations, suggesting that he is quite friendly with her, and that he teaches her many things.


  • "Mom says the Empire is mean, but they don't seem that bad to me."
  • "Derkeethus used to take me diving way down deep in the river. I miss him."
  • "The Stormcloaks are named after Ulfric. He's a bad man, but don't tell the soldiers I said that."


Relationship qualmsEdit

Hrefna: "And Meieran thinks we should go there!"
Tormir: "I don't want to hear another word about what you're learning from the elf! It's high time you learned to be a Nord, too!"
Hrefna: "But mama..."
Tormir: "He's a half-decent farmer. Ask him to teach you to farm!"


Hrefna: "Sondas, I've heard about Morrowind."
Sondas: "Oh? What about it?"
Hrefna: "That it was black and gross and nobody wanted to live there anymore."
Sondas: "I'll have to take your word on that one, my dear."

The lake and firesEdit

Hrefna: "Do you ever want to go to Morrowind, Sondas?"
Sondas: "I've been in Skyrim my whole life. Why would I want to leave?"
Hrefna: "To see the fires!"
Sondas: "I think I like the lake here just a little more."


  • Hrefna has no bed, and never sleeps. She can be seen sitting around and walking around the fire all night.
  • If her mother and Sondas Drenim are both dead, Hrefna can be adopted from Honorhall Orphanage if Hearthfire is installed.