"My father Kleppr is the one you want to talk to. I just clean up."


Hreinn is a Nord citizen who lives in the city of Markarth. He can be found working at the Silver-Blood Inn, which is owned by his parents, Frabbi and Kleppr.


Hreinn's father, Kleppr, will ask him who was attacked in the market, Hreinn will then answer by saying it was Margret, Cosnach will then enter the conversation saying that since Margret was a Nord and a noble that she was targeted by the Forsworn, Hreinn will then reply saying that Cosnach is paranoid and that they control the city, not the Forsworn. Hreinn also has another argument with Cosnach about the Forsworn.


Hreinn thinks that the Jarl has things under control and that this is their city not the Forsworn's. He doesn't think the Forsworn pose a huge threat.


  • "My mother and Father yell a lot. Always have."


Hreinn "Father, why do you and mother fight so much?"
Kleppr "We don't fight. We, um, talk. Loudly."

Kleppr "How are your chores coming, my son?"
Hreinn "Today, I've cleaned the linens, washed the floors and checked in on all the guests."
Kleppr "Ah, my son, you'll be a fine innkeeper someday, like your father."
Hreinn "But mother says you're a terrible innkeeper!"
Kleppr "Never mind your mother, Hreinn. You listen to me and you'll be a great man one day."


  • Hreinn is the Icelandic word for clean, which fits his job in the inn.
  • Hreinn will send hired thugs for thievery or killing his family, such as his parents or his sister Hroki.


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