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Hrodulf is a deceased Nord found by the shore, directly south of Hrodulf's House. A Burnt Spriggan can also be found near his corpse, implying it was that which killed him.


His journal reveals he moved to Solstheim and found an abandoned house where he took up residence. Not long after he began to hear noises coming from underneath the house at night. At first he began sleeping in the basement with a knife for protection, however the noises persisted so he began to tunnel deeper under the house to find the source of the noise. He found a large functioning Dwemer machine of some kind, but as time went on the constant rumbling eventually drove him insane.

His lover, Bjornolfr, lived in Solitude but was aware of his plight. Bjornolfr decided to travel to Solstheim to find Hrodulf, but died of unknown causes.

Notable itemsEdit

Near his corpse lie a Broken Iron Axe Head and Broken Iron Axe Handle. On the seat of the nearby boat lie an Amulet of Mara and a gold diamond ring, suggesting he was going to propose to Bjornolfr. There is also a locked strongbox and a chest next to the boat.


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  • His body doesn't always spawn, but may respawn over time. His broken axe, however, does always spawn.


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