Hrodulf's House is on Solstheim, southeast of Raven Rock.

At the end of a secret passage (which can be found by entering the trap door to the right of the wooden chest, then going behind a bookcase) is a small Dwemer Ruin where Hrodulf's lover Bjornolfr lies dead on the floor with a Bloodstained Letter, some scattered gold coins and a Nordic dagger. His cause of death appears to come from the Reavers inhabiting the place.

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  • Activate the bookshelf to reveal a secret passage.
  • Hrodulf's body is directly to the south, next to a small rowboat and a Burnt Spriggan.
  • In the boat next to Hrodulf's body, there is a gold diamond ring and an Amulet of Mara.
  • Inside the house on the table, there is a note from Bjornolfr to Hrodulf saying, "My nights have been almost impossible to bear without you; to lose you would be the death of me. My love, if you do not return soon, I will come for you." On Bjornolfr's body, there is a bloody letter to him from Hrodulf saying, "I have not much self left. Do not come to this place. The Earth will take us both." From this it can be inferred that Bjornolfr came to attempt to rescue Hrodulf, and was killed by whatever drove Hrodulf out of his mind or possessed him.
  • If successfully undetected by the Reavers, you can hear one say, "Do you think he's the one we left in the tunnel?", referring to Bjornolfr.
  • There are two Heart Stone deposits southeast of the house.
  • There is an empty bottle of spiced wine inside the basement of the house.
  • There is a possibility that one of the quests about finding Dwemer technology for Sorine Jurard during the Dawnguard may lead to this house whether the Dragonborn has travelled to Solstheim or not.
  • Closer examination of the inside of the house reveals a few bloody human remains located in a corner.  Whether or not the individual was the victim of cannibalism due to Hrodulf's madness or simply the previous owner before Hrodulf is uncertain.
  • There is a possibility that one of the quests about hunting a vampire for Gunmar can lead to this house whether the Dragonborn has travelled to Solstheim or not.
  • This is a possible site to be sent to for retrieving the Moon Amulet during the radiant side quest Amulet of the Moon in order to gain Kharjo as a possible follower.


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