Not to be confused with Hroggar or Hroggi.
"The Goblins have slaughtered many of my men. Even my eldest son has been fed to the funeral pyre. Now my youngest son, Bjorick, has gone missing. Troll's blood! These vermin seem unstoppable."

Hrogar is a Nord warrior who founded Hrogar's Hold. He is married to Edwina and has two sons, Gar and Bjorick.

He sent the family dog named Horker and his merchant daughter Hedstild to Davon's Watch after a Dunmer priest assaulted her.[1]


He was a warrior in the Akaviri War. One day he got wounded and Edwina, who was a healer at that time, became his nurse. Later they got married and Hrogar became the master of Hrogar's Hold.


Protecting the HallEdit


Kinsman's RevengeEdit



  • Edwina's family was dissatisfied with the interracial marriage of Hrogar and Edwina, so they disowned her.
  • Hrogar's sons do not seem to have any Dunmer characteristic, despite the fact their mother is a Dunmer. Though it seems likely that they are Edwina's stepsons, since she mentions meeting Hrogar during the Akaviri invasion of Stonefalls, which took place only ten years before the events of The Elder Scrolls Online.
  • He will tell the Vestige he is thankful because due to their actions he is celebrating a victory instead of his son's funeral (although he mentions this before one of his sons actually died).



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