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Not to be confused with Hroggar or Hroggi.

Hrogar is a Nord warrior who founded Hrogar's Hold. He is married to Edwina and has two sons, Gar and Bjorick.


He was a warrior in the Akaviri War. One day he got wounded and Edwina, who was a healer at that time, became his nurse. Later they got married and Hrogar became the master of Hrogar's Hold.


Protecting the HallEdit

Kinsman's RevengeEdit


  • Edwina's family was dissatisfied with the interracial marriage of Hrogar and Edwina, so they disowned her.
  • Hrogar's sons do not seem to have any Dunmer characteristic, despite the fact their mother is a Dunmer.
  • He will tell the Vestige he is thankful because due to their actions he is celebrating a victory instead of his son's funeral (although he mentions this before one of his sons actually died).


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