Not to be confused with Hrogar or Hroggi.
"You tempt me mightily, Alva. But I won't cuckhold another man, even on murderer like Hroggar."


Hroggar is a Nord lumberjack in Morthal working at the local mill. Hroggar's mind is focused on Alva, with whom he lives.



Hroggar once had a wife as well as a daughter named Helgi, however, both were caught in the flames of their burning house which was being razed to the ground, and subsequently died. The ghost of Helgi can be found in the quest "Laid to Rest."


Hroggar subsequently moved in with Alva, whom he cares for and protects with his life.


Laid to RestEdit

The Jarl of Morthal enlists the aide of the Dragonborn to first investigate the remains of his burned down house. Clues will lead to Alva's House. If the Dragonborn enters her house during the night Hroggar will attack in his confused state. If the Dragonborn kills Alva and let Hroggar live, he will have returned to his original state before the incident. Hroggar explains that he was seduced by Alva and only reclaimed his own mind after she died and so released him.


Hroggar will buy any firewood brought to him.


This section contains bugs related to Hroggar. Before adding a bug to this list, consider the following:

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  •  360   Attempting to pickpocket the Key to Alva's House from Hroggar can result in a glitch. If the pickpocket attempt is unsuccessful, Hroggar will become hostile and alert a guard, but the guard will actually kill Hroggar. The key may be looted from his body, and no bounty will be added either for murder or pickpocketing.
  •  360   Hroggar may remain hostile even after Alva is killed. Using a spell of Calm on him will fix this permanently.


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