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Hrothmund's Bane is a landmark situated south of Castle Karstaag and west of the Wind Stone in the region of the Moesring Mountains.


The Mead Hall MassacreEdit

The mead hall of Thirsk has been attacked by a monster called The Udyrfrykte. The creature struck without warning and killed everyone he could. Svenja Snow-Song was finally able to drive the beast away with her arrows, but she fears the Udyrfrykte will return.

The Patchwork AirshipEdit

The Nerevarine found the wreckage of a crashed airship, and read the journal of its captian. It seems the crew had been commissioned to locate and explore hrothmund's Barrow in search of some magic item. Before they could set down, the airship got caught in a surprise snowstorm and crashed into the mountains. They should get this journal to the man who sponsored the expedition -- Louis Beauchamp, at the Ald'ruhn Mages Guild on Vvardenfell.


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