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Hrothmund's Barrow (Dragonborn)

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CaveIconHrothmund's Barrow
Hrothmund's Barrow (Dragonborn)
Hrothmund's Barrow DB Map
Type Cave
Quests Retaking Thirsk
For other uses, see Hrothmund's Barrow.

Hrothmund's Barrow is a cave situated northwest of Snowclad Ruins and west of Headwaters of Harstrad.

Quests Edit



Notable itemsEdit

  • Three treasure chests with random loot.
  • After ascending the first flight of stairs, encountered upon entering, there is a hidden door with a pull chain on the right-hand side. At the end of the route is a chest containing standard loot, surrounded by a few gems and gold coins.  There is also a Silver Ore vein to the left upon entering the room where the chest lies.
  • A gold ore vein can be found to the right of the first flight of stairs encountered upon entering the Barrow.



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