Not to be confused with Huki Cold-Eye.
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"All right, meat, it's time for you to earn your freedom."
―Huki Seven-Swords[src]


Huki Seven-Swords is an unused character residing in the Windhelm Pit, a location accessible only through the use of console commands.


Huki is the Pit's jailkeeper. She shows little respect towards those in the Pit, as is evident by her dialogue with the Dragonborn. She is a Stormcloak supporter and dislikes the Imperials.


Upon first meeting Huki, the following conversation takes place between the Dragonborn and her:

"What is this, you think you're clever? If you want to fight your way out of here, you have to do it in the Pit. Gotta give the crowd a show. Luckily there's no shortage of Pit bait around here. Now get in there and earn your freedom."

What do I have to do?:  "We don't just let people rot in cells until they've served their time. Here, you fight. If you win, you go free. If you lose, well, you'll know the freedom of Sovngarde if you're lucky."

I'm ready to go: "All right. Head to the pit when you think you're ready."

I want to fight Alain Dufont. "Well aren't you in luck. He's the next piece of gutter scum on the docket. Between you and me, I hope you cleave his arrogant head open."


  • "Looking for something?"
  • "Real Nords like to prove their mettle in the pit."
  • "Just between you and me, I wouldn't mind if the Empire just up and left for good."
  • "I'd love to get one of those Imperial weasels under my boot..."
  • "All right, meat, it's time for you to earn your freedom."