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Huleeya is an Argonian Assassin with information on the Nerevarine cult.


Huleeya resides in the Black Shalk Cornerclub within the Foreign Quarter of Vivec City. He is a member of the Morag Tong and is the rank of Thrall. He is pleased to be treated with much respect in the faction in spite of his low rank. He wishes to one day travel to the Ashlands.[1]



Vivec InformantsEdit

Huleeya is knowledgable about the Nerevarine cult. During this main quest, he is willing to tell the Nerevarine what he knows after they escort him out of the Black Shalk Cornerclub, where Camonna Tong members are threatening to attack him, and accompany him to Jobasha's Rare Books.

Filthy LizardEdit

The Nerevarine's first meeting with him, in the Black Shalk Cornerclub, will find on the verge of being accosted by three Dunmer (Urven Davor, Favel Gobar, and Ethys Savil. The Nerevarine can attempt to boost these NPCs' dispositions before asking Huleeya to leave with the PC, which will prevent bloodshed. Minor boosts to disposition will suffice, but check the dialog changes regarding the Filthy Lizard option to make sure before asking Huleeya to travel together. Otherwise, the more violent option of fighting them will be automatically triggered, with Huleeya helping the Nerevarine. Killing these three Dunmer, as long as they started the assault, will not result in any disposition drop for Huleeya. Barring any accidental injuries to the club's merchant, Raril Giral or to the two NPCs downstairs, Felvos Droryn and the trainer Hylf the Harrier -- these three will not join in the fight or have disposition drops.


"I am only a low-ranking member. But pauper and commoner do not suffer from war here as they do in the West, thanks to the honored traditions of House War and the Morag Tong. I am an Argonian, yet they treat me with respect. If you are curious, find a copy of "The Black Glove." But please... do not mistake us for the Dark Brotherhood! The Dark Brotherhood is a perversion of ancient Dunmer traditions. They have sold their honor for profit, and are no more than a league of murderers-for-hire."

"Jobasha is a friend of mine, a Khajiit. He owns Jobasha's Rare Books, which has a wide selection of rare and obscure books. He has very passionate moral and political views, which he shares freely. As a result, he and his bookshop arouse strong feelings in some quarters."

"Perhaps some day, yes. For example, I would greatly wish to see the Ashlands and their peoples with my own eyes. But at present, my duties to the Morag Tong do not permit me to travel."



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