A Hulking Draugr is a creature in The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn. The Hulking Draugr's most notable difference from other draugr is the skin color, which is dark brown instead of pale gray. The armor is also different, with larger, more distinct shoulder pads and a rag-like lower half.

The armor of the Hulking Draugr appears to be fashioned out of leather and furs stitched together, with a metal waist piece and shoulder pauldron. They also appear to be wearing a necklace made of human hands. 


A Hulking Draugr can spawn in any Nordic tomb at higher levels. They often wield an Ancient Nord War Axe and a Dented Iron Shield, a weaker version of the Iron Shield.


Hulking Draugr are primarily melee fighters, so they will attempt to get close and use one-handed weaponry. Like all Draugr, they have a resistance to frost and a weakness to fire. Using offensive Restoration magic, such as Dawnbreaker or Stendarr's Aura, can be quite effective.


  • The Hulking Draugr wears a unique unobtainable armor.


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