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Human Blood

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Human Blood
1 WeightIcon
Base Value:
0 GoldIcon
Drain Fatigue 60 points for 20 seconds on self Resist Poison 5 points for 10 seconds on self
Vampire Blood Feeding for 7 seconds on self
Form ID: 00098309
Main article: Potions (Oblivion)

Human Blood is a potion that can be found in Vicente Valtieri's room of the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary. It can also be found in Castle Skingrad, by the Pale Lady in castle's wine cellar, and in the last room of Crowhaven (the fort in the "Origin of the Gray Prince" quest).

Note that unless one has the appropriate updates, this potion doesn't "satisfy the thirst" of a vampire. Strangely, the bottle has the same in-game appearance as that of wine.



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