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For other uses, see Human Flesh.

Human Flesh is an ingredient in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It can be used to make potions at an alchemy lab as part of alchemy.




Ring of NamiraEdit

If the Dragonborn completes the quest "The Taste of Death," and sides with Eola, a cannibal, they will be given the Ring of Namira, which when equipped, gives the Dragonborn the ability to eat human flesh off of bodies. Effects of doing this include extra health, stamina, and quicker health regeneration.


Main article: Potions (Skyrim)
Damage Health Paralysis Restore Magicka Fortify Sneak

† multiple effects



  • Human Flesh has exactly the same model as Raw Beef.
  • Despite being Human Flesh, it is not dropped by killed humans.


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