"The Code of Mauloch is clear. So long as these Bretons aid their king in his foul magic, they remain our enemies."
―Hunt-Wife Othikha[src]

Hunt-Wife Othikha is an Orsimer who resides in Betnikh. She is one of the characters found in King Renwic's vision.


Unearthing the PastEdit

Lambur asked to investigate Grimfield to unravel more of the Bloodthorn cultists plan. The Bloodthorn Cult has invaded an ancient Breton graveyard and is raising zombies. The Seamount Orcs are concerned but are waiting for reinforcements.

When the Vestige enters a vision of the past through Warcaller Targoth's eyes, there is a conversation with her:

"Targoth! The Breton King has sealed himself deeper in the ruin. He is preparing some foul spell!"

What spell is this? "I know only that the magic he simmons will slaughter our army. Unless we stop him, every Orc here will die."
How do we stop King Renwic? "We must learn how to reach their cowardly king and the nature of his foul magic. Make these prisoners talk! We have confiscated their belongings. They may hold clues to what they know."
How far should I go in my interrogations? "The Code of Mauloch is clear. So long as these Bretons aid their king in his foul magic, they remain our enemies. If you can coerce them through words alone, do so. If not..."
If not? "They must pay the blood price. I took this charm off a Reachwitch. Hold it tight and order any guard to execute his prisoner. The charm will chain their soul and compel them to answer you. You will have one question, Targoth. Ask wisely."
Remind me about the Code of Mauloch. "Don't steal. Don't attack without reason. Fight with honor. Protect your tribe. These Bretons claim to have surrendered, but if they refuse to answer truthfully, they remain our mortal enemies."
Is there honor in killing unarmed prisoners? "They aid their king in his foul plan to kill us all! Unless they tell us how to stop him, his magic will wipe us out. We are at war, Targoth. Do what you must."