Hunter's Camp: Windhelm Plateau is an unmarked location found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


Located southeast of Windhelm on a plateau above the White River, it is due south of Hlaalu Farm and Hollyfrost Farm and due east of Brandy-Mug Farm. (Official guide map marker 7.F and 7.G)


Prior to the conquest of Windhelm by the Imperial Legion in the Battle for Windhelm, it is a hunters camp occupied by three hunters. After the fall of Windhelm to the Imperials, it is occupied as an Imperial camp. Once the  defeat of the Stormcloaks is complete, the Imperials abandon the camp but leave the tents and siege engines in place. 


  • When the Dragonborn first discovers the camp (whether hunters' camp or Imperial camp) a frost troll comes from the rocks to the west, and may attack the camp.
  • There is no possible dialogue with the hunters other than bartering or asking about items for sale (they have a normal selection of items appropriate to hunters).