Hunter is a generic character in The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn. They can be male or female and are encountered randomly in the wilderness. They wear pieces of Skaal clothing and make references to the All-Maker, suggesting they are from a Skaal background.


The Netch HuntEdit

Four Hunters can be randomly encountered near a Netch. One will approach and mention that they plan to hunt the creature, and that the Dragonborn is welcome to join:

"We have come south to test our worth against a mighty Netch, will you join us?"

A Netch? "The giant air-floaters from the dark elf lands. Only the brave dare to hunt them, only the strong survive them. Come. Test yourself against the beast with us. We all will share in the glory of the hunt!"
Think you'll win the fight? "A warrior expects nothing and therefore is ready for anything. If our aim and our hearts are true, the All-Maker will grant us strength. If not, today is as good a day to die as any other. Either way, they'll songs of our bravery around the campfires for many years."
Sounds fun. I'll join your hunt."Well met, friend. May we fight or die well."
Good Luck. "Luck? Luck will play no part today. We will earn our victory or return to the All-Maker."

Once the conversation has ended they will begin the attack the Netch. If they kill the creature, they will repeat the following four lines:

Hunters Fight Netch

A group of hunters take on a Netch

  • "Our victory will bring meat and bones to our people and glory to our families."
  • "The beast was strong, but we were stronger."
  • "They will sing stories of this day."
  • "It was a good hunt."

Should one or more of the hunters die in battle, the survivor(s) will say:

  • "The beast was not the only one to fall this day. May the All-Maker welcome our brethren with open arms."
  • "We will honor and sing praises of the fallen."