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Hunting for a Daedroth is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall.


  • Travel to the specified dungeon.
  • Find and kill the Daedroth within.
  • Return to questgiver to complete the quest.


To start the quest, the Hero must have a reputation of at least thirty within the Fighters Guild. Speak to any questgiver and they will inform the Hero that they must kill a Daedroth within a dungeon for a random amount of gold. Accept the quest, and they will point the Hero towards a specified dungeon.

Upon travelling to the dungeon, enter it and search for the target. When located, kill the Daedroth and return to the questgiver for a reward.

If the Hero doesn't complete the quest within specified time limit, they will lose reputation with the guild.


The Fighters Guild in [Questgiver's town] will pay me [Reward] gold pieces if I slay the Daedroth in [Dungeon] in [Time Limit] days or less.


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