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Headmaster Herendas,

The Fort Magia ruins have been a disappointment. Far from the plethora of ancient lore you claimed were to be found at the site, I have discovered nothing but flesh-hungry undead. My servants were torn apart and my pack animals eaten. I barely escaped with my life.

I now sit perched upon a lofty eminence, safe for the moment. While the view is excellent, I must protest my treatment at your hands. I suspect duplicity, if not evil intent, on your part. When I return, and fear not that I shall, I intend to abandon my instructor's post and will convince Indora to do the same.

I believe I see a means to climb down the exterior of this ruined tower. Though it has been my home for the last three days, I will not miss it. I expect to be in Davon's Watch, to deliver this letter and settle my affairs, very soon.

— Scholar Thirobar


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