"Nothing great has ever been accomplished without setbacks and pain. And what goal could be greater than this? They laughed when I shouted "From Nirn to the Aether ... and back!" from the rooftops, but I will have the last chortle. It is more than a motto to me, it is my life's quest. My name will be recorded in the scrolls of history!"

Icarian is a deceased Bosmer mage found at an island in a lake south of Dragonclaw Mine, southeast of Fort Dragonclaw, and northeast of Bruma. His experience is recorded in his log, revealing he has been trying to fly, and his latest attempt resulted in his death as the impact from falling killed him.[1]


Attempt at FlightEdit

Icarian's life quest has been to achieve flight. He attempted to test out his spell on the rooftops of an unknown settlement, but was humiliated for his beliefs. He later relocated to an island southeast of Fort Dragonclaw, and set up base at a platform.[1]

His second last attempt from flying resulted in injuries of unknown severity, though after recovering, he set out to properly fly again. Icarian calibrated his spell by channeling more magicka, and cast it on himself, hoping to land in water when it wore off, but instead landed on another island in the lake, with the impact killing him.[1]


Icarian's dreams of flying were shared by others, albeit centuries apart. In 3E 427, a Bosmer mage named Tarhiel used the Scroll of Icarian Flight, named after Icarian, in an attempt to fly. He altered the spell in some ways, though also ended up dying from the impact outside Seyda Neen.[2][3] In 4E 201, an unnamed Bosmer wizard replicated Icarian's spell after reading a Black Book.[4] His attempt also resulted in death, as he died from the impact.[5]


  • Icarian is named after Icarus, a character in Greek Mythology who attempted to escape the island of Crete by using wings out of feathers and wax, but flew too close to sun and fell down to the sea because the wings melted.
  • Icarian is a reference to Tarhiel from Morrowind and the Wizard from Dragonborn, both Bosmer mages who achieved flight, only to die from the impact of hitting the ground.
    • The Scroll of Icarian Flight from Morrowind is likely named after him, as he suggests he will be "recorded in the scrolls of history."