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"These Ice Wraiths are lucid, serpentine creatures of magic, as if conjured from the frozen tundra and glaciers of Skyrim itself."

Ice Wraiths are swift elemental creatures of ice and snow.

By gameEdit


  • It is possible to contract the disease "Witbane" from an Ice Wraith.[1]
  • The Wispmother claims that Ice Wraiths are in fact not creatures at all, stating that they are actually elemental manifestations rising out of Nirn itself.
    • This is also suggested by the fact that in Hag's End, two appear to be summoned by a Hagraven. They may also have been teleported, as the Hagraven teleports twice to different chambers with the same exact animation as the summoning animation.
  • In a conversation with Marise Aravel, as well as in the Pocket Guide to the Empire, First Edition: Skyrim, it is discovered that Nords usually hunt Ice Wraiths for initiation rituals to claim to full status as citizens of Skyrim.