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Iddra is a Nord innkeeper of Braidwood Inn found in Kynesgrove. She offers rooms for rent (10GoldIcon) and sells different kinds of food. She is the wife of Kjeld, and the mother of Kjeld the Younger and a girl named Froa.


She is first encountered during the quest A Blade in the Dark at Kynesgrove. She tells the Dragonborn that a dragon flew over Kynesgrove and landed at Kynesgrove Dragon Burial Ground, before running away in fear. She can later be found at the Braidwood Inn.


  • If followed after the initial encounter, she will run to the Windhelm Stables and cower in fear until the dragon is dead.
  • If the Dragonborn steals from her inn, she may send Hired Thugs after them.
  • Iddra speaks to her son, Kjeld the Younger, about not abusing his sister, Froa (namely, his throwing of her into the goat pen) as well as him having to do chores that he believes she should help with. However, the sister is never seen in Kynesgrove.


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