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Idesa Sadri

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Idesa Sadri
Race Dunmer
Gender Female
Level 4
Class Citizen
Rank Citizen
Ref ID 0001B12F
Base ID 0001411B
"I try to keep Grimvar safe, but these are dangerous times."
―Idesa Sadri[src]

Idesa Sadri is a Dunmer and the live-in nanny of Grimvar Cruel-Sea.


She is the live-in nanny at House of Clan Cruel-Sea and may be found there or somewhere in Windhelm. The first time the Dragonborn meets her, she is talking to Grimvar Cruel-Sea about Aventus Aretino saying how strange he is and Grimvar must stay away from him.


  • "Ever tried taking care of children? It can be a nightmare."
  • "I try to keep Grimvar safe, but these are dangerous times."
  • "When Grimvar asks me why women are being killed around the city. I don't even know what to say to him."

Quests / interactionsEdit

  • She may ask The Dragonborn to bring an item to be enchanted by Sergius Turrianus.
  • She can sometimes be seen during Blood on the Ice second quest as a target wearing different colored clothing.


  • She might appear on the map, but might not be accessible. You can use the "tcl" command to go through walls and continue the side quest by talking with her.


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