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Ienas Sarandas is a miscellaneous quest available in Ald'ruhn, Vvardenfell.


Ienas Sarandas has lost all of his money betting on Guar and is unable to pay any of the merchants for the items he has purchased.


  • Talk to any of the named merchants about work.
  • Talk to Ienas Sarandas and convince him to return the goods.
  • Return the items to the merchants for Reputation, minor rewards and improved disposition, and better prices.


Three of the five merchants: Daynes Redothril, Tiras Sadus, and Bevene Releth, have shops facing Ienas' house. The other two, Bivale Teneran and Llether Vari, are on the lower floor of the Manor District.

Ienas' TroublesEdit

Speaking to Ienas will reveal that he is not happy about his situation, and with a disposition above 60, he will easily be persuaded to give the items back. It is also possible to raise his disposition with one of the following gifts: the book Saryoni's Sermons, or a bottle of Greef, Cyrodilic Brandy, or Flin.

Returning the GoodsEdit

Once the Nerevarine has all the items, they must:


  • Up to 200GoldIcon (see bugs).
  • Up to 5 reputation.
  • Improved prices with merchants helped.


  • After the completion of this quest, Ienas will relocate to the Ald'ruhn Temple and become a monk.[1]


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  •  PC   Bivale Teneran will give the 40 points increased disposition, but not the 50 GoldIcon she promises.


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