Not to be confused with Igmund Garnier.
"Forsworn have troubled the Reach for too long. I intend to deal with them."
―Jarl Igmund[src]


Igmund is the Nordic Jarl of The Reach. He resides in Understone Keep. He strongly supports the Empire and peace with the Thalmor. From Igmund, it is learned that the Markarth Incident started the Stormcloak rebellion. He severed his ties with Ulfric Stormcloak after the Third Aldmeri Dominion threatened the Reach with war.

When compared with other Jarls, Igmund is the least worried Jarl about the dragons, because Markarth is made entirely out of stone, due to being built into the side of the mountain.


Recover Hrolfdir's ShieldEdit

Jarl Igmund asks for the retrieval of his father's long lost shield.

Civil WarEdit

If the Stormcloaks are sided with during the Civil War, Igmund will be replaced by Thongvor Silver-Blood as Jarl of Markarth. Igmund can then be found in the basement of the Blue Palace in Solitude, along with the other replaced Jarls, stewards and housecarls.

Season UnendingEdit

If the Empire is sided with after the quest Season Unending, Igmund will regain his throne as Jarl of Markarth. Thongvor Silver-Blood and his steward will be moved to the Palace of the Kings in Windhelm along with the other replaced Jarls, Stewards, and Housecarls.

Thane of the ReachEdit

After retrieving his father's shield, helping five citizens, and killing groups of Forsworn around the Reach, Igmund will grant the Dragonborn permission to purchase Vlindrel Hall, along with the Blade of the Reach and the title of Thane.


"You speak to Igmund. Son of Hrolfdir. Jarl of Markarth."

You're the Jarl? I'm looking for work. "Are you a sellsword? I don't like your kind. No honor. No loyalty. Unreliable. But I can't turn away a potential ally in these times. Let's see if you're better than a common mercenary. My scouts have tracked down one of the Forsworn leaders, hiding in their blood-soaked camps. Deal with them."
It will be done. "We will see."
I can't do that right now. "Then leave."

(After completing the quest, the following option becomes available.)

The leader of Dragon Bridge Overlook (Or any other location Igmund assigned the Dragonborn to.) is dead. "I'm impressed. Forsworn usually make short work of mercenaries, but you took care of them. Here is your reward."
I'd like to purchase a home in your city. "I don't know you, and I don't sell what precious property we have to outsiders. But if you're willing to work, and you prove to be reliable, I might deem you worthy to live here. My steward will handle things from there."
Dragons have returned to Skyrim. "Yes, I know. We have some advantages if they come here. The city is built into the mountainside, so it's hard to reach into even from the skies. And everything is made of stone. Even the beds. We'll have no trouble from dragon's fire here."
There was an attack in the marketplace. "My guards told me. Poor Margret. And witnesses report that the attacker was shouting some nonsense about being a Forsworn. I want to make things clear. Markarth has its troubles, but there are no Forsworn in this city. They're only a threat in the hills and along the roads, where they live. Everywhere else, we are in control."
Has the war been hard on Markarth? "It all started here. This rebellion. When the Empire lost the Reach during the Great War, we became desperate. We promised a group of Nord militia free worship in exchange for their help retaking the Hold. Then the Elves found out about it. We were forced to arrest all of them. Ulfric Stormcloak, their leader, used the whole thing as proof that the Empire had abandoned Skyrim. The Rebels called it "The Markarth Incident." It was the founding day for the Stormcloaks, and where this war really started.."
Why did you arrest the Nord militia? "The White-Gold Concordat. Our treaty with the Elves after the Great War forbid free worship of Talos. But that's what we promised Ulfric and his men. It seems foolish looking back, but at the time, we were hoping the Elves wouldn't find out. So when they did find out it was either we arrest Ulfric and the militia, or enter into yet another war with the Aldmeri Dominion. The choice is clear. And now, Ulfric threatens the thinly veiled we sacrificed so much for."
The Empire lost the Reach before? How? "When the Aldmeri Dominion invaded the Imperial City, the Legion all but turned a blind eye to the other provinces. Many of the disgruntled natives of the Reach used the opportunity to depose the Empire, and founded what they called an independent kingdom. It was little more than a chaotic uprising, but the Reach was removed from Imperial authority for two years before we reclaimed it. But the leaders of the uprising refused our offers of peace. They fled into the hills and became the Forsworn."

"If you'll excuse me, I have a city to run


  • "I don't like talking to someone who holds their honor so cheaply." —When exiled
  • "What do you want? Haven't you done enough damage to Markarth?" —When exiled
  • "Stormcloaks have taken the Reach, but we'll return. The Empire will bring order." —When exiled


The Silver-BloodsEdit

Raerek: "Igmund, we need to talk about the Silver-Blood family."
Igmund: "What about them? They seem loyal enough."
Raerek: "Loyal? Thongvor supports Ulfric and his Stormcloaks! We should imprison the entire family as a precaution."
Faleen: "I second that, Igmund. Who knows what that family will do for power? They could be working with the Forsworn for all we know."
Igmund: "Enough! We can't imprison the very people who own the jail we would be throwing them into. The Silver-Bloods are to be left alone, am I clear?"
Raerek: "Yes, my Jarl."
Faleen: "Yes, my Jarl."

Protecting tradeEdit

Raerek: "My Jarl, we need to discuss Markarth's collapsing trade with the other Holds."
Igmund: "Of course there's a collapse in trade. The Stormcloaks stalk every road and the Forsworn attack every caravan."
Faleen: "Not to mention the rebels completely control Windhelm and all of Eastmarch hold."
Igmund: "Why do you pester me with battles we can't win? I need my steward to plan for victory, not nag me with every ill account."
Raerek: "Forgive me for worrying about the furture of Markarth. The lifeblood of the city is gold, Igmund, and it doesn't stop beating because there's a war on."
Igmund "Very well. I'll send the request for additional Legionaries to protect trade to the other Imperial holds. Hopefully, Solitude can spare more men."

Forsworn in the cityEdit

Raerek: "It's not that simple, Igmund. There are reports of Forsworn here in the city."
Igmund: "It doesn't matter if they're in the city. We fight them where they live, we won't have to fight them here."
Raerek: "They live here too, my Jarl. That's what I'm telling you."


  • Raerek, his steward, is also his uncle.
  • Inside the Jarl's quarters, there will be a plate with Dog Meat on it, suggesting the Jarl eats his own dogs.
  • Igmund is voiced by Paul Ganus.[1]


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  • If the Dragonborn completes the Cidhna Mine quest chain (and helps the prisoners escape), talking to Igmund might no longer give the option "I want to buy a house", and starting a dialog with his steward (Raerek) might not work at all. This might be caused by unfinished radiant quests involving Igmund, despite his name not being mentioned in the quest description.
    • This problem may be fixed by completing all the quests with names in the format "Kill the leader of [random location]" that appear under "Miscellaneous" in the quest log (ex.: "Kill the leader of Red Eagle Redoubt"). After that, Igmund and / or Raerek might allow the Dragonborn to buy a house or at least give new quests to increase the Dragonborn's reputation. If that fails (i.e., if Igmund still gives no option to buy a house and Raerek is no longer giving new quests), the house option can be forced to appear on PCs by entering the following command into the console (without quotes): "setstage favor250 20". After that, talking to Igmund will cause him to grant the title, and then talking to Raerek will allow purchase of a house.
  • Sometimes, upon seeing Jarl Igmund for the first time, his clothes will be all purple, except his sword and the leather and fur of his boots.



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