"They've burned the town! Please, please help us!"

Ilemin is an Altmer who resides in the town of Silsailen. However, she is located outside of the town due to the attack on the town by Veiled Heritance troops dressed as First Auridon Marines.

She will run up to the Vestige once she has seen them, and ask to help defeat the Veiled Heritance, who now occupy Silsaelen.


Silsailen RescueEdit

If one comes close enough to Silsailen, Ilemin will run up to the Vestige, asking them to help. She will then say that the Veiled Heritance invaded Silsailen while dressed like First Auridon Marines, and then set fire to some of the buildings in the town. She will then ask for the Vestige to speak to Elenwen, who organized the evacuation, to help in any way possible.