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Ilend Vonius is an Imperial Guard, and one of two guards found alive in the Breaking the Siege of Kvatch. After killing the surrounding Daedra in the area, the Hero can choose to let him help them, or to send him back to Savlian Matius.

If he survives, he will assist them in the quest The Battle for Castle Kvatch, and if he survives all Kvatch related quests, he will wander around Castle Kvatch, constantly thanking the Hero for saving his life.


Breaking the Siege of KvatchEdit

The Hero learns they have to go into the Oblivion gate and shut it down in order to rescue Martin and the others.

The Battle for Castle KvatchEdit

Upon reaching the chapel of Akatosh in Kvatch, he will say that the battle for Kvatch is not yet over, and that Castle Kvatch must be retaken.


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