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Title: Imago's Notes on Neonymics
Full Title: Imago's Notes on Neonymics
Author: Imago Storm
Main article: Books (Battlespire)

This was written by Imago Storm. It appears in Battlespire.


Dagon’s incantory neonymic is Djehkeleho-dehbe-effehezepeh. The Daedric characters are Djeh Koh Leh Oh -- Deh Beh -- Feh Ee Zeh Peh, or, in Tamrielic, JKLO-DB-FEZP.

Xivilai’s neonymic is Wegerohseh-chehkohieu. The Daedric characters are Weh Geh Roh Seh -- Cheh Koh Eiu, or, in Tamrielic, WGRS-CKU.

Faydra’s Neonymic is Nepehkweh-kodo. The Daedric characters are Neh Peh Kweh -- Koh Doh, or, in Tamrielic, NPK-KD.


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