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(This book can be viewed during the mission Boots of Springheel Jack (Thieves Guild Quest).

Known locationEdit


The Imbel family traces lineage strictly through the male line of heirs, as any right-thinking nobility would. Therefore this family genealogy does not record the inconsequential female offspring.

Artan Imbel 1000 - 1057, Son of Rosten Imbel
Married Gustie Karna 1031
Buried in Vvardenfell near Suran

Faris Zeetl 1030 -1101, Son of Artan Imbel
Whereabouts unknown

Faren Imbel 1037 - 1056, Son of Artan Imbel
Married Janiy Ulura 1053
Buried in Vvardenfell near Suran

Corben Imbel 1053 - 1152, Out of wedlock son of Faren Imbel
Buried in Bravil

Artan Imbel II 1079 - 1152, Bastard son of Corben Imbel
Married Eadith Gerimania 1100
Buried in Bravil

Faren Imbel II 1084 - 1085, Bastard son of Corben Imbel
Buried in Skingrad

Corben Imbel II 1086 - 1167, Bastard son of Corben Imbel
Married Faith Horr 1110
Buried in Bruma


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