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Imps are small winged humanoids that cast low-level shock, fire or frost spells. Though bothersome by themselves, to lower-level characters they are especially dangerous in groups. They inhabit all the regions of Cyrodiil, but are most commonly found around ruins, caves and dungeons, and are highly aggressive.


  • An Imp can be found quite quickly, as one lives outside of Sideways Cave. This cave is only a few steps from the exit from the Imperial Prison Sewer, where the Hero first enters the open air of Cyrodiil.

General statsEdit



  • Can fly above water


  • Normal

Damage typesEdit

Soul LevelEdit


More Unfinished BusinessEdit

Collect ten imp galls for a wizard in Bravil as part of the Fighters Guild.

No Stone UnturnedEdit

Collect the research notes of an Altmeri mage. Several imps are encountered in the same cave as the notes.




  • While idle, they rarely take a rest from flying and land on the ground for any length of time. This is rare and difficult to observe.


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