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Impatience of a Saint

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Impatience of a Saint
Impatience of a Saint
Quest Giver Jiub
Location Soul Cairn
Reward Saint Jiub's Opus
Locket of Saint Jiub
Type Side Quest
QuestID DLC1VQSaint
Impatience of a Saint is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard. It can be accepted while in the Soul Cairn from a soul named Jiub, who can be found approximately east-southeast from Valerica's location, among a grove of dead trees along a path.


While exploring the Soul Cairn, I've come across the soul of a strange Dunmer named Jiub. He claims to be writing the second volume of his life's story but lacks the notes from his first in order to complete it. He's asked for my help in locating the pages which are likely spread across the entire Soul Cairn...quite a daunting task.


Jiub asks the Dragonborn to find the ten pages of his book spread across the Soul Cairn. Upon completion of this quest, the Dragonborn will be rewarded with the Locket of Saint Jiub and a pristine copy of Saint Jiub's Opus.

Page locationsEdit

The staircase that the Dragonborn descends to enter the Soul Cairn is located in the south-western end of the map. The prison holding Valerica is directly north-east of that staircase, and roughly halfway between the two is a large, fortified wall cutting across that path perpendicularly: NW to SE.

Jiub himself is located to the southeast of Valerica's prison, beyond the farmer and his two cows, on the southern side of a large building.

Page Location Image
Page 1 On the south-facing side of the fortified wall, run along it heading east. There is a set of stairs adjoining the wall, at the top of which is a soul standing next to a window. Next to the window is the first Opus page.  From this location, looking directly through the window you see a chest.  Inside is an Iron Mace of Scorching. Juib's Page 1 Location
Page 2 To the north of Valerica's location will be a small building with a broken Word Wall and a chest. The page is in front of the chest. This small building is more-or-less adjoined to the prison where Valerica is held. This is where Durnehviir later sits. Juib's Page 2 Location
Page 3 On the south-facing side of the fortified wall, head west to find a small building connected to where the wall forms a corner. Heading into this building and through to the other side leads to a low, sandy-looking area with two purple wells and another small building (with a crystal on top) behind it.  Eat a soul husk now to slow your health drain before retrieving the page.  At the top of that building, beneath the crystal, is a chest - the page should be in front of it. Juib's Page 3 Location
Page 4

Starting from where Valerica was found, turn right to go east around the building to the back. Go up the first flight of stairs.  You will see two high doorways.  One with stairs (right side) and one without stairs (left side).  Go up the stairs on the right. A chest sits on the left side and a pile of bones on the right at the end of the hallway.  The page is in front of the chest on the floor.

Juib's Page 4 Location
Page 5 Go to Jiub's campfire. Not far to the south there will be a square, stone-floored area with a purple-glowing well, and a wisp soul circling it. The page is on the floor by the well. There are also a couple of bonemen roaming the area. Juib's Page 5 Location
Page 6 Page 6 is nearby the stairs the Dragonborn descended on entering the Soul Cairn. Upon coming down them, look for the second building on the right (see Page 8) - the page is located in there next to a chest just inside the doorway on the right side. There is a Boneman waiting for you at the chest.  This building is easiest to find by sticking to the path: it forks away to the right near the two souls sitting on the ruined walls. Juib's Page 6 Location
Page 7 After locating page 4, go down the east stairway to the ground.  Follow the trail straight ahead until it comes to a "T".   Looking slightly to the left, you will see a light circle with a few souls around it.  While standing in the middle of the light circle, face due East.  Walk the short distance to the stariway and go up.  You will see a small shrine on a raised stone platform with the spell tome for Conjure Mistman. The page is on the floor in front of a lantern.  Be prepared for a possible attack of several Mistmen once you take the tome. Juib's Page 7 Location
Page 8 Like Page 6, this one is near to the staircase you descended on entering the Soul Cairn, only this time it's in the first building on the right instead of the second. This one involves shooting an arrow (arrow not a bolt) (or spell) at both of the glowing orbs next to the doorway - doing this should lower the bars to let you in. Sticking to the same path but heading back to the stairway will take you towards Page 6. Juib's Page 8 Location
Page 9

From Valerica's location, turn left and travel west until you reach a building with a crystal on top: there is a soul looking forlornly down at a skeleton, and another trapped in a cage beneath the crystal itself. When you get there, use this location as a viewpoint: look to the north, off to the left, and you should see another crystal atop a more extensive, fort-like building. This is where Page 9 is.

Head there and enter via the steps, travel through the maze-like layout, and find the portal at the back right-hand end of the maze. Jump on the glowing portal which will teleport you onto the roof. The page will be on other side of the chest, beneath the health-draining crystal.

Jiub Location of Page 9
Page 10 Stand in the gap of the fortified wall facing north-east, look to your right, you will see a blue light, head that direction, there will be a ghost named Morven Stroud next to his broken carriage. The page is on top of a barrel to the left of the carriage. Juib's Page 10 Location


Journal Entry
While exploring the Soul Cairn, I've come across the soul of a strange Dunmer named Jiub. He claims to be writing the second volume of his life's story but lacks the notes from his first in order to complete it. He's asked for my help in locating the pages which are likely spread across the entire Soul Cairn...quite a daunting task.
  • Objective: Find pages from Saint Jiub's Opus (0/10)
I've located all of the notes that Jiub lost when he arrived in the Soul Cairn. I should return them to him when I get the chance.
  • Objective: Return to Jiub
I've returned all of Jiub's lost notes to the poor soul. He presented me with an an amulet and a pristine copy of his first volume in appreciation for my efforts.
  • Quest complete


  • Jiub is the Dunmer prisoner travelling with the Nerevarine at the start of Morrowind (He mentions getting transferred from prison and travelling to Seyda Neen to drop off someone before he was taken to Vivec).


This section contains bugs related to Impatience of a Saint. Before adding a bug to this list, consider the following:

  1. Please reload an old save to confirm if the bug is still happening.
  2. If the bug is still occurring, please post the bug report with the appropriate system template  360  / XB1  ,  PS3  / PS4  ,  PC  / MAC  , depending on which platform(s) the bug has been encountered on.
  3. Be descriptive when listing the bug and fixes, but avoid having conversations in the description and/or using first-person-anecdotes: such discussions belong on the appropriate forum board.
  •  360   Sometimes page 9 will disappear from the inventory completely.
  • If page 9 is not appearing near the chest on the roof, use Unrelenting Force on the spot where it should be. Then go back down into the maze and use the map to locate where the chest is (if you zoom in enough, the details are easy to make out). Head through the maze to the spot underneath the chest. If the page is not on the floor in the area, check the ceiling in this spot. The page can appear stuck to the ceiling and can be shot down easily with a projectile weapon. Also using the Alteration spell Telekinesis, on the spot where the page should be, will make the page obtainable.
  • If you kill the skeletons next to the chests immediately, then the remains will cover up notes 2 and 6, and you will not be able to collect them. You can, however, blow them away with Destruction spells or the Unrelenting Force shout.

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