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Imperial may refer to one of the following:

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  • if there was an imperial alliance...

    11 messages
    • Plus, his name technically isn't Tiber Septim; it's Talos Stormcrown. He's a Nord. Well, technically Atmoran, but I sort of see them as one ...
    • (facepalm) Tiber Septim was Born in the second era........
  • Human races, their difference.

    14 messages
    • 1. Atmorans come from the continent of Atmora which is north of Tamriel. The Nedes are the native humans of Tamriel mostly living in Cyrodiil....
    • Atmorans are the proto-Nordic race of WE(Wandering Ehlnofey) descendants who migrated from Snow-Throat to Atmora. Nords, while they are ...

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