For other uses, see Imperial.

Imperials are enemies in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Imperials, in this sense, are randomly generated Characters who are invariably hostile. They can be encountered for no reason and their appearance is in no way affected by quests. They are low level, from 5–15 depending on player level.


They wear iron or steel armor however the sets do not match (They might wear an iron cuirass with Steel Gauntlets and a steel helmet). Imperials usually fight with a Steel Dagger but can use ranged weapons as well, but never magic. They are most common within The Reach and are rare in cities.



  • They are more effective against characters with a low Block level or health.


  • They are very low level and only very rarely use ranged weapons, giving archers and Mages an advantage.


  • They have common souls even though they are human.