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An exclusive Battlemage (although not necessarily that class of character). The majority of the time, they work exclusively for the Emperor. Many of them rely heavily on the School of Destruction, although Berevar Bero argues that it is not exclusively so.

There are several well known examples of Imperial Battlemages:

  1. Zurin Arctus, Tiber Septim's Imperial Battlemage.[1]
  2. Jagar Tharn, Uriel Septim VII's Imperial Battlemage.[1]
  3. Welloc, Empress Morihatha Septim's Imperial Battlemage.[1]
  4. Malviser, a Battlemage who wrote the book Response to Bero's Speech (it is unsure whether he was an actual Imperial Battlemage or not).[1]
  5. Hethoth - Uriel Septim V's Battlemage. According to Malviser, he was; "not an Imperial Battlemage, but a Sorcerer in his employ".[1]
  6. Ocato - mentioned in "Catch a Spy" (Morrowind Mages Guild Quest) as being an Imperial Battlemage. He also wielded the staff of a Battlemage, and served as the Emperor's High Chancellor of the Elder council during the end of the Third Era and beginning of the Fourth.[2]

Zurin ArctusEdit

Zurin Arctus was the Imperial battlemage for Tiber Septim. Bero Beravar claims that Zurin Arctus was able to create the golem Numidium using spells of Mysticism and Conjuration. Malviser disputes this, claiming that "no one knows how Numidium was created, or whether it was even a golem or atronach in any traditional sense."[1]

Jagar TharnEdit

Bero Beravar describes him as being an underachieving Battlemage, due to his using Illusion spells to weaken the Empire, rather than Destruction spells. Malviser mocks this by stating that he could "easily find four examples of illusionists casting healing spells, or nightblades teleporting. There is a time and a place for everything."[1]


Bero Berevar refers to her as being "an accomplished diplomat" but not "a powerful student of the School of Destruction".[3] Malviser then rather sardonically congratulates him on correctly identifying an Imperial Battlemage, but adds "there are many written examples on her skill in the School of Destruction".[4] Sage Celarus wrote how she cast the "Vampiric Cloud" on the rebellious army of Blackrose, causing their strength and skill to pass on to their opponents.[1]


According to Malviser, Hethoth is not actually an Imperial Battlemage, but rather merely a Battlemage in the Emperor's employ. Thus, he argues "any spells he cast against Akaviri are irrelevant."[1]


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