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"You enter the Imperial City, the heart of Tamriel, and the seat of power for his majesty, the Emperor Uriel Septim VII."
―The Eternal Champion's Greeting[src]

The Imperial City is a large city in the center of the Imperial Province. It is one of several possible locations that the Eternal Champion will have to visit in The Elder Scrolls: Arena.

The Imperial City is the final place for Arena's main quest line, where both the Eternal Champion and Jagar Tharn have their final duel.


The Imperial City is a substantially large city, which unlike all other randomly generated cities in Arena, appears to be handcrafted. The city consists of a long, empty stretch of brick road that spans from the city gates to the north, to the palace gates which are directly south.

PalaceNoGate (Arena)

The Imperial Palace in the city.

The entire city is a spaced out set of buildings, set up in a block-like fashion. Multiple statues, lamps, and foliage are set around the central walkway.


The Imperial City is connected by six roads each leading to their own separate settlement within six of Tamriel's provinces, with the exception of the Summerset Isles and High Rock.

To the north is the village of Riverwood in the southern parts of Skyrim, to the south is the city-state of Riverhold in the northern parts of Elsweyr, to the west is the village of Stonedale in the eastern parts of Hammerfell, to the east is the city-state of Kragenmoor in the western parts of Morrowind, to the southwest is the city-state of Arenthia in the northwestern parts of Valenwood, and lastly to the southeast is the city-state of Gideon in the northwestern parts of Black Marsh.


Escape From PrisonEdit

The first main quest of Arena. After being imprisoned by Jagar Tharn, Ria Silmane brings the Eternal Champion up-to-date on Tharn's betrayal in his prison cell, and after gaining the cell's key the champion starts his ten-year journey to rebuild the Staff of Chaos.

Imperial PalaceEdit

The last main quest of Arena. After collecting all of the eight split pieces of the Staff of Chaos from the eight provinces of Tamriel surrounding the Imperial Province, the Eternal Champion's final quest lies in a fight to reach the final floor of the Imperial Palace, where Jagar Tharn, the Jewel of Fire, and an army of monsters await.