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For other uses, see Courier.

Imperial Couriers are soldiers used by the Imperial Legion to deliver war-essential supplies and letters. 


These soldiers are usually found on the merchant-and main roads of Skyrim. They look similar to the Imperial Legion Soldier and are often running in which case they may be in a hurry. These Soldiers can be found randomly in the wilderness.

They wear a full set of Imperial Light Armor and wield an Imperial Sword during combat. They also carry an Imperial Bow with steel arrows. To supplement their main weapon, additionally they have a steel dagger.


A False FrontEdit

The Dragonborn has to murder the courier in order to bring the Imperial Documents to Galmar Stone-Fist.

Joining the LegionEdit

In order to prove the Dragonborn's worth to Legate Rikke, they are tasked to clear out the bandits living at Fort Hraggstad.