Duke's Guard

A member of the Duke's Guard

The Imperial Guard is an elite division of the Imperial Legion. They are tasked with the defense of the Emperor and his representatives in the provinces.[1] There is a traditional rivalry between the Imperial Guard and their counterparts in the regular Legions.[1]

Types of Imperial GuardEdit


  • In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Amaund Motierre is an Elder Council member, but he does not have any form of the Imperial Guard with him. Instead, he has an Imperial soldier in light armor named Rexus to guard him.
  • The Dragonborn Emperors were guarded by their own unique special force that is not part of the Imperial Guard. In the Reman Empire, the Emperor's guards were known as the Dragongaurd, who are the predecessors to the Blades who guarded the Septim Dynasty during the third era. In the Mede Dynasty, the guards are known as the Penitus Oculatus. All of these organizations also double as special forces and personal armies for the emperor.