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The Imperial Legion is a faction in The Elder Scrolls Online. It is the main army of the Empire, and is based in Cyrodiil.


A Handful of Stolen DreamsEdit

A Thirst for RevolutionEdit

A Token TrophyEdit

Down the Skeever HoleEdit

Gates of FireEdit

Hallin's BurdenEdit

Imperial IncursionEdit

  • Rescue hostages from the Imperial Legion in Satakalaam.

Raiders at the CrossingEdit

Scavenging for a ScarabEdit

Striking BackEdit

Tharayya's TrailEdit

The First StepEdit

Find out what the Imperial Legion are up to in the Rawl'kha Temple.

The Lion's DenEdit

Find out who let the Seventh Legion into Hallin's Stand.

The ParleyEdit

Go to Nchu Duabthar Threshold, a neutral location in Bangkorai, and attend the parley with Septima Tharn.

The Shifting Sands of FateEdit

The Colovian OccupationEdit

The Covenant InfiltratorEdit

To Aid the EnemyEdit

Imperial City QuestsEdit

Speaking For The DeadEdit

Known LocationsEdit

Known MembersEdit


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