"Come on! We can use your help to drive back the invaders!"
―The Fort Sutch Imperial Captain[src]

Imperial Legion Captain is a captain of the Imperial Legion.


The Imperial CityEdit

The Captain in the Imperial City commands two Imperial Legion Archers and two Imperial Legion Soldiers. He and his men were the last to make it from the Legion Compound in the Imperial City during the quest "Light the Dragonfires."

Fort SutchEdit

The Captain at Fort Sutch commands 3 Imperial Legion Soldiers, along with two Imperial Legion Archers.


The Fort Sutch Oblivion GateEdit

Imperial Legion Soldier: "Sir, there's too many of them! We have to fall back!"
Imperial Legion Captain: "No! We hold them here."
(After speaking with the Hero)
Imperial Legion Captain: "We can use your (referring to the Hero of Kvatch) help! Let's go!"


  • "If you know how to close that Gate, be my guest. My orders are to hold this position, and that's what I intend to do." –At the Forst Sutch Oblivion Gate
  • "Thanks for the help, friend. I didn't recognise you at first, but you're the Hero of Kvatch, aren't you? It was a privilege to fight by your side." –After closing the Fort Sutch Oblivion Gate


Imperial CityEdit

Fort SutchEdit