"Come on! We have to protect Martin until he can light the Dragonfires in the Temple!"
―Imperial Legion Messenger[src]

Imperial Legion Messenger is a messenger of the Imperial Legion found in the Elder Council Chambers. He informed High Chancellor Ocato that the Daedra were overwhelming the City Watch during the quest "Light the Dragonfires" in the Oblivion Crisis.



Battle of the Imperial CityEdit

Ocato: "Martin Septim, on behalf of the Elder Council, I accept your claim to the Imperial Throne. We should arrange the coronation ceremony as soon as ..."
Imperial Legion Messenger: "Chancellor Ocato! Chancellor Ocato!"
Imperial Legion Messenger: "Chancellor Ocato! The city is under attack! Oblivion Gates have opened, and daedra are inside the walls! The guard is overwhelmed!"
Ocato: "Courage, soldier. We have an Emperor again. Your Highness, what are your orders? Shall the Guard fall back to the Palace?"
Martin Septim: "No. If we let ourselves get besieged in the Palace we're doomed. We must get to the Temple of the One immediately."
Ocato: "As you command, sire. Guards! Form up and protect the Emperor! To the Temple of the One!"