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Imperial Legion Watch Tower is a location in the Imperial City. There are six Watch Towers around the city, each of them leading to two of the six districts and they are patrolled by members of the Imperial Watch.


They all look almost identical with a dining and storage area on the first floor and the barracks for the guards on the second and third floor. On the top floor is the Captain's quarters.

The last three floors are restricted areas and the Hero will be asked to leave if someone sees them entering. The top floor has a lock in all towers, some of the Captain's quarters are occupied, some are deserted.

  • South Watch Tower - Lies between the Talos Plaza District and the Arboretum. There is a Nirnroot in the Captain's quarters on the top floor.
  • Southeast Watch Tower - Lies between the Arboretum and the Arena District.
  • Southwest Watch Tower - Lies between the Talos Plaza District and the Temple District.
  • North Watch Tower - Lies between the Market District and the Elven Gardens District.
  • Northwest Watch Tower - Lies between the Elven Gardens District and the Talos Plaza District.
  • Northeast Watch Tower - Lies between the Arena District and the Market District.



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