"The Imperial Navy, tasked by our great Emperor with patrolling the Abecean Sea and ensuring safety and security across the region, makes its home port in Anvil, and no pirate dares challenge our Emperor's might."
―Astinia Isauricus, 2E 566[src]

The Imperial Navy is the aquatic fighting force for the Empires of Cyrodiil. The navy has been tasked with anything from hunting down pirates to fighting wars and even invading the continent of Akavir. They are known to have existed from the First Era[2] through to the Third[3] and later Fourth Era.[4]


The Imperial Navy has seen many conflicts over the thousand years its been around. It is charged with keeping peace throughout Tamriel by stopping pirates and even going to war if necessary with other nations if necessary.

Bramman incidentEdit

In 1E 1033 the Imperial Navy was tasked with hunting down a Bramman. Bramman was an Argonian pirate who constantly harassed and raided ships in the Topal Bay. Eventually, Empress Hestra took notice of this. She sent ships from the Imperial Navy to destroy the pirates ship, kill his crew, and execute Bramman himself. Ships chased him through Black Marsh after failing to kill him in the Topal Bay. They eventually cornered him near what would become the City of Blackrose and they executed him.[2]

Red SailsEdit

In 2E 566, Emperor Leovic had tasked the Imperial Navy with patrolling the Abecean Sea and secure safety and security around the Gold Coast region.[1] The Navy, at the time, was feared, well-armed and had accomplished soldiers to secure safety.[1] Prior to the Navy getting fathered in Anvil, the Brena and Strid River were both plagued by pirates. But when the Navy was sent to Anvil, these rivers were liberated.[1]

In 2E 577 the Imperial Navy fought during the rebellion of Varen Aquilarios.[5] As such, they left Anvil, to fight in the north and east,[5] resulting in a pirate invasion of Anvil, led by Fortunata ap Dugal, who is likely an ancestor of Torradan ap Dugal.[6] Fortunata was a shipping magnate of the Gold Coast Trading Company and decided took over the docks and release her pirates to the docks of Anvil.[5] These men quickly overpowered the troops loyal to the local Legion Prefect, after which Fortunata named herself governor of the Gold Coast, from the Abecean Sea to Varen's Wall.[5] It was said that, due to the lack of an Imperial Navy to oppose Fortunata, the people near the Abecean Sea had to be careful of the pirate queen.[6]

Tiber WarsEdit

When Tiber Septim was still trying to conquer all of Tamriel the Imperial Navy undoubtedly saw combat all across Tamriel. However, the main fighting it did was that of the New West Navy in Hammerfell.[7]

This faction of the navy had two known leaders, the first being Vasi Hadrach until sometime in the 9th century of the second era when he was assassinated.[8] The second was one of Septims potentates, Amiel Richton. Under Amiel the navy went on to win the Battle of Hunding Bay where he defeated the last High King of Hammerfell, Thassad II. After this battle Stros M'Kai was conquered, which was the last place in Hammerfell unconquered by the Empire.

This navy consisted of mostly Colovian Nobility.[8] This navy also has pictures drawn of it, giving us a good image at what the Imperial Navy might have had for ships during the Tiber Wars.

The navy was widely considerd unbeatable, and was also used during the invasion of Morrowind, where they fought in badly coordinated battles near Black Marsh's border swamps.[9]

Akaviri InvasionEdit

The navy played a major role in the Empire's assault on Akavir from around 3E 271 to 3E 290. In the early years of the 270's during the Third Era, the Emperor, Uriel Septim V, began planning an invasion of Akavir and several islands in between Tamriel and the continent. It was decided that the current size of the Imperial Navy was not large enough to carry out this invasion, so the Emperor ordered that new ships be built. Thus the Far East Fleet was created. It was said to be so large that the new fleet nearly doubled the current size of the navy.[3] The fleet is known to have been able to carry at least two Legions with large amounts of supplies for a long voyage.[3]

The fleet was originally made to invade Akavir, but it had other objectives as well. Before it could sail to Akavir the fleet needed to conquer the islands of Roscrea and Esroniet.[3] These islands were wealthy trade islands that the Imperial Navy would use as military ports to sail to Akavir. Once the islands had been taken the fleet was loaded up with Imperial Legion soldiers and sent off to Akavir.

When the fleet arrived they did no fighting. The Tsaesci had no navy for the Imperial Navy to face, so they simply delivered off their troops. Many sailed off to preform supply runs across the ocean and bring more legions and settlers over for the invasion. However constant storms slowed and eventually halted all sailing across the ocean until the Emperor authorized the use of battlemages to accompany the fleet to stop the storms.[3] Eventually disaster struck the legions in Akavir and almost every soldier was killed, along with the Emperor. Much of the fleet was also destroyed in this failed conquest.[3]

Camoran UsurperEdit

When the Camoran Usurper began to damage the Empire, the Imperial Navy took every ship, including pirate ships, to fight in the war.[10] As a result of the war, the Navy did not respond to various smugglers around the Gold Coast, and because the Navy needed supplies in High Rock, and had no forces to guard them, pirates took a profit.[10] With the Navy too occupied fighting the Camoran usurper, eastern Tamriel became fearful of a pirate gang known as the Red Sabres. As a result, the captain of these pirates, Torradan ap Dugal, got a bounty on his head worth 40.000GoldIcon.[10]

When the Camoran Usurper was eventually beaten Commodore Fasil Umbranox turned his attention on the Red Sabres. He sent out many ships and men in his search for the pirates, and after four years, found them.[11] Captain Dugal had tricked Umbranox's main force with a fake trail, and tried to catch the Commodore off guard, but Umbranox had left men behind just in case the pirates came back.[11] The pirates fought the Navy in the bay, as the Imperials had set fire to the town to prevent the pirates from escaping on land. Most Imperials didn't really care, as at the time Anvil was mainly settled by thieves.[11] When the battle ended, only two ships were left standing; the pirates' Black Flag, and Umbranox's Flagship. This was largely due to Umbranox having Imperial Mages aboard his ships.[11]

Captain Dugal, who knew defeat was coming, tried to flee from Umbranox. However, in his retreat, Umbranox's battlemages cast spells at the Black Flag, causing the nearby cliff to slowly collapse and seal the pirate and his crew in.[11][12] As a result of his victory, Umbranox was awarded Anvil, and his dynasty has ruled the city ever since.[13]

Early Fourth EraEdit

In the early Fourth Era, while the Empire was in shambles, what remained of the Imperial Navy protected the settlement of Water's Edge from the forces of Leyawiin and Bravil.[14]

Great WarEdit

The Imperial Navy also fought in the Great War, where they had naval clashes on Lake Rumare with the Aldmeri Dominion Navy. These naval clashes ultimately ended in failure, as the Imperial City fell in the year 4E 174 on the 12th of Second Seed to the supieror force of the Aldmeri Dominion.[4]

Ships in the Imperial NavyEdit

Factions of the NavyEdit

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The New West Navy during the Tiber Wars.

The following navies are, or have been historically, part of the Imperial Navy:



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