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Main article: Armor (Morrowind)

Imperial Templar Armor is a type of Heavy Armor found in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. It appears to be made out of gold or brass. It is used by elite Imperial forces throughout Morrowind.



Name Armor Type ArmorIcon WeightIcon GoldIcon Health-icon Ench. Value
Imperial Templar Boots Boots 18.00 20.00 50 180 88
Imperial Templar Greaves Greaves 18.00 18.00 110 180 25
Imperial Templar Helmet Helmet 18.00 5.00 75 180 250
Imperial Templar Knight Cuirass Cuirass 18.00 30.00 175 540 200
Imperial Templar Left Bracer Left Bracer 18.00 5.00 25 90 200
Imperial Templar Left Pauldron Left Pauldron 18.00 10.00 60 180 20
Imperial Templar Right Bracer Right Bracer 18.00 5.00 25 90 200
Imperial Templar Right Pauldron Right Pauldron 18.00 10.00 60 180 20



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