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For other uses, see Inanius Egg Mine.

Inanius Egg Mine is a House Hlaalu egg mine open to the Nerevarine during the events of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.



The Nerevarine, having helped House Hlaalu by taking Aurane Frernis' Recipies, is now tasked by Nileno Dorvayn to undermine a rival Kwama Egg Mine owner, Serjo Avon Oran. Dorvayn informs the Nerevarine that the Mine will fail if the Kwama Queen is killed (along with the other Kwama inside the mine). She also suggests that the Nerevarine travel to Suran and then head to the mine from there.

A talk with Oran (Optional)Edit

At this point two paths are open to the Nerevarine. They may proceed to the Mine (southeast of Suran) or speak to the Mine's owner, Serjo Avon Oran. Oran can be exploited for up to 1,000 GoldIcon in order to protect his interests, at which point the Nerevarine will be given another choice of quest progression. They can either take Oran's deal and return to Balmora (gaining a 5 point reputation boost in House Hlaalu and a -10 disposition swing from Dorvayn), refuse Oran's offer (at the cost of a disposition drop from Oran) or take Oran's money and then proceed to kill the Queen. Either choice is fine.

Killing the QueenEdit

If the Nerevarine decided to refuse Oran's deal or go back Oran's deal (or indeed not speak to him at all), then they must kill the Kwama Queen at the Inanius Egg Mine to complete the quest. The Mine itself can be found to the southeast of Suran and has been partially flooded, meaning that the Nerevarine will have to swim to get to the Queen. Once the Queen has been killed, the Nerevarine must return to Dorvayn to receive their reward and complete the quest.


Inanius Egg Mine
IDJournal Entry
10Nileno Dorvayn wants me to kill the queen in the Inanius egg mine, which is just across the mountains from Suran. The entrance of the eggmine faces the mountains.
  • Quest accepted
100Nileno Dorvayn thanked me for killing the queen in the Inanius egg mine.
  • Quest Complete
200Avon Oran paid me 1000 gold to stay out of the Inanius egg mine. I should return to Nileno Dorvayn and tell her what happened.
 210 I took Avon Oran's gold and killed the kwama queen in the Inanius egg mine anyway. Nileno Dorvayn paid me another 500 gold for the job.
  • Quest Complete


  • The Mine has also been hit by blight disease (which the Kwama inside may transfer to the Nerevarine depending on how far the Main Quest has been completed).
  • All of the passages to the Queen are flooded.

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