"We are the failed Incarnates, the Ashlanders who proudly proclaimed themselves to be the Nerevarine but were found wanting. The Lady of Dawn and Dusk urged us to cooperate, so ask your question, Outlander."
―Incarnate Ranso[src]

Incarnate Ranso is a Dunmer ghost and failed incarnate of Indoril Nerevar, haunting the Cavern of the Incarnate on Vvardenfell.


What flaw made you fail to fulfill the prophecy?
"Take my scroll and help the Wise Woman see the lie of unbridled power. I thought myself the reborn Nerevar, for I was the strongest, most powerful warrior in all the land. But power alone won't save my people. In the end, it couldn't even save me."


Divine DelusionsEdit

Chodala has announced himself as Nerevarine, and with his ideas, this action may lead to war. The Vestige is tasked with stopping this potential war by disproving Chodala's claim by speaking with the failed incarnates of Indoril Nerevar, Incarnate Ranso being one of them.