"Ah, the burr-sap! Catch my heel again?"
―Indel Swollen-Foot[src]

Indel Swollen-Foot is a Bosmer beggar that can be encountered at various locations in Stonefalls. The Vestige can give her money as part of the Give to the Poor achievement.


After giving her money before:

"Ah, the burr-sap! Catch my heel again?"

I don't understand "A mark! One who fights for coin! Spare some, will you? Mine's run off. Dallying with a lightcatch, sure!"
I think you're asking for gold. Will this do? [69 GoldIcon] "Will it? Pleasure, burr-sap! Shadows keep you safe!"
I still don't understand. I'm leaving


After giving her money:

  • "Stendarr protect you!"