Infidelities is a quest in The Elder Scrolls III: TribunalDeldrise Andoren enlists the Nerevarine to find out what her husband, Taren Andoren, gets up to of an evening.


Deldrise Andoren, who can be found at her house, asks the Nerevarine to help her with her husband. He tends to stay away long lately, and Deldrise fears that he is having an affair. She asks the Nerevarine to follow her husband and find out more.


  • Speak with Deldrise Andoren.
  • Wait until the evening (7:00pm)
  • (Optional) Kill Taren's girlfriend Velyna Seran.
  • Return to Deldrise Andoren.


Deldrise Andoren resides within the Andoren Manor in Godsreach, almost entirely by herself due to the frequent absenses of her husband. Her fear leads her to ask the Nerevarine to investigate her husband, ultimately to see whether he is having an affair.

Evening EscapadesEdit

Once evening falls over Mournhold, the Nerevarine will spot Taren Andoren at the top of the steps leading to the Craftsmen's Hall in Godsreach. Once within sight of Andoren, the Nerevarine must follow him round to the back of the Hall, where they will see Andoren rendevous with a young lady. The Nerevarine now faces a choice: return to Deldrise Andoren, or use their initative and remove the girlfriend.

Should the Nerevarine opt to attack the girl, identified as Velyna Seran, then they may attempt to provoke her by speaking to her. Both Seran and Andoren's husband will attack the Nerevarine, although only Seran need die. Once Seran is dead (or the pair have been left to their romance), the Nerevarine may return to Deldrise.

Delight and DespairEdit

Deldrise Andoren will react differently depending on how far the Nerevarine took their task. Simply witnessing the meeting will see Deldrise reward them with 250 GoldIcon, although if the Nerevarine is spotted by her husband then she will give them nothing. Should Seran have been removed from the picture, however, then Deldrise will be overjoyed, rewarding the Nerevarine 1,000 GoldIcon instead. But, if Taren Andoren was also killed, then the Nerevarine will, once again, receive nothing.


Journal Entry
The distraught noblewoman, Deldrise Andoren, has hired me to spy on her husband, whom she suspects of cheating. I can find him in Godsreach near the entrance of the Winged Guar Tavern at night. I am to follow him and avoid being noticed, then I should report back to Deldrise.
  • Quest accepted
The distraught noblewoman, Deldrise Andoren, tried to recruit me to spy on her husband, but I refused.
  • Quest failed
I have located Taren Andoren sneaking around Godsreach. I am attempting to follow him to find out where he is going.
I have followed Taren Andoren through Godsreach. He met with a strange woman and talked to her for a few minutes. I heard laughing and sound like they were agreeing to meet later. Perhaps I should report to his wife.
I have killed Taren Andoren. I should report this to his wife. I have made my report on Taren's behaviour to his wife, who rewarded me for my work.
  • Quest completed
I have killed Velyna Seran, the woman Talen Andoren was cheating on his wife with. I should report this to Deldrise Andoren.
I reported to Deldrise Andoren on the death of her husband. She was far from pleased, refusing to compensate me for my efforts and demanding that I leave.
  • Quest failed


  • Deldrise Andoren's disposition will drop by 20 if the Nerevarine is spotted by Taren.
    • His death will also cause a disposition drop, which will be reapplied each time the Nerevarine speaks to Deldrise Andoren.

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