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Ingredients in The Elder Scrolls Online are used in cooking to create food and beverages using the Provisioning skill set. They can be found throughout the game, but much more commonly in barrels, crates, and sacks. They can also be received from Hirelings or bought from Grocers. Those looking to purchase ingredients in bulk are suggested to look at buying from Guild Traders.


Item Faction Type Level Grocer
Aged Meat Beverages --GoldIcon
Apples Food --GoldIcon
Barley Beverages --GoldIcon
Battaglir Weeds Food --GoldIcon
Bear Haunch Food --GoldIcon
Beef Food --GoldIcon
Black Tea Beverages --GoldIcon
Broth All Food 31GoldIcon
Brown Malt Beverages 21GoldIcon
Cake Flour Food --GoldIcon
Camerlot Grapes Beverages --GoldIcon
Canis Root Beverages --GoldIcon
Capon Meat Food --GoldIcon
Caramalt Beverages --GoldIcon
Carrot Food --GoldIcon
Coffee Beverages --GoldIcon
Comberry Beverages --GoldIcon
Combwort Food --GoldIcon
Concord Grapes Beverages --GoldIcon
Cooking Fat Food 31GoldIcon
Corn Mash Beverages 21GoldIcon
Crawdad Food --GoldIcon
Desert Heather Beverages --GoldIcon
Dragon's-Tongue Sap Beverages --GoldIcon
Drippings Food 21GoldIcon
Dusk Beetle Beverages --GoldIcon
Flank Steak Food --GoldIcon
Garlic Food --GoldIcon
Goat Bits Food --GoldIcon
Goat Meat Food --GoldIcon
Glitter Rock Beverages --GoldIcon
Grasa Grapes Beverages 31GoldIcon
Guar Eggs Food --GoldIcon
Hallertau Hops Beverages --GoldIcon
Hops Beverages --GoldIcon
Horker Meat Food --GoldIcon
Jazbay Grapes Beverages --GoldIcon
Juniper Berries Beverages --GoldIcon
Kwama Eggs Food --GoldIcon
Liver Food --GoldIcon
Meal Food 21GoldIcon
Milled Flour Food 31GoldIcon
Moon Sugar Food --GoldIcon
Mutton Flank Food --GoldIcon
Onion Food --GoldIcon
Pepper Food --GoldIcon
Pig's Milk Beverages --GoldIcon
Plump Maggots Food --GoldIcon
Plump Rodent Toes Food --GoldIcon
Plump Worms Food --GoldIcon
Pork Food --GoldIcon
Potato Food --GoldIcon
Red Wheat Food --GoldIcon
Saaz Hops Beverages --GoldIcon
Salt Food --GoldIcon
Saltrice Food --GoldIcon
Scuttle Meat Food --GoldIcon
Shank Food --GoldIcon
Sifted Flour Food --GoldIcon
Shornhelm Grains Beverages --GoldIcon
Snake Slime Beverages --GoldIcon
Snake Venom Food --GoldIcon
Snowberries Beverages --GoldIcon
Sujamma Berries Beverages --GoldIcon
Thin Broth Food 21GoldIcon
White Grapes Beverages --GoldIcon
Wild Honey Beverages --GoldIcon
Venison Food --GoldIcon
Wheat Malt Beverages


Wheat Mash Beverages


Wine Grapes Beverages 21GoldIcon