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Timsa-Come-By Flowers Tribunal Ingredient
For other uses, see Ingredients.

The following is a list of Alchemy ingredients that were added in The Elder Scrolls III: Tribunal expansion. For more information about each item refer to the individual articles by clicking the ingredient's name.


Ingredient WeightIcon GoldIcon Effect 1 Effect 2 Effect 3 Effect 4 Item ID
Adamantium Ore 50.0 300 Burden Restore Magicka Poison Reflect ingred_adamantium_ore_01
Durzog Meat 2.0 7 Fortify Agility Fortify Strength Blind Damage Magicka ingred_durzog_meat_01
Golden Sedge Flowers 1.0 1 Drain Magicka Fortify Strength Fortify Attack Swift Swim ingred_golden_sedge_01
Horn Lily Bulb 1.0 1 Resist Paralysis Drain Health Restore Strength Restore Endurance ingred_horn_lily_bulb_01
Lloramor Spines 1.0 1 Spell Absorption Invisibility Poison Detect Enchantment ingred_lloramor_spines_01
Meadow Rye 1.0 1 Fortify Speed Damage Health Restore Speed Drain Speed ingred_meadow_rye_01
Nirthfly Stalks 1.0 1 Damage Health Fortify Speed Restore Speed Drain Speed ingred_nirthfly_stalks_01
Noble Sedge Flowers 1.0 1 Damage Health Restore Agility Poison Fortify Agility ingred_noble_sedge_01
Scrib Cabbage 1.0 1 Drain Intelligence Damage Health Restore Agility Fortify Agility ingred_scrib_cabbage_01
Sweetpulp 1.0 1 Paralyze Levitate Resist Paralysis Restore Health ingred_sweetpulp_01
Timsa-Come-By Flowers 1.0 1 Dispel Resist Paralysis Drain Magicka Restore Endurance ingred_timsa-come-by_01

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