Ingun's Alchemy Chest is a reward for completing Ingun's Task given by Ingun Black-Briar. She will give the Dragonborn Ingun's Supply Chest Key and as long as they have the key in the inventory, they will gain access to the chest.

It is located inside the backroom of Elgrim's Elixirs, an alchemy shop in Riften. The chest spawns Alchemy ingredients and Potions every one to two days. This makes it a very useful supply of alchemical ingredients for use in Alchemy.


The Dragonborn must obtain the following to receive the key to Ingun's Alchemy Chest:

The Dragonborn also gets paid 750 GoldIcon for completing this task.


Random potions and ingredients will be placed inside the chest by Ingun every 24h/48h. Must leave shop for replacement.