"It's exhilarating to observe the effects of my potions on the body. Watching the heart stop... the eyes go blind."
―Ingun Black-Briar[src]


Ingun Black-Briar is a Nord and a member of Riften's affluent Black-Briar family and a soon-to-be alchemist. She studies alchemy and is working at Elgrim's Elixirs, where she serves as an apprentice to Elgrim.


Although one of the more polite members of the Black-Briar family, Ingun shows her sinister side when talking about her experiments on animals. She says she is fascinated by alchemy because of the irony; the irony that the same world that gave life provides the means to die. She spends nearly every day in the shop training in alchemy, only returning home to sleep and eat meals.

Ingun dislikes her family. According to her, "all that wealth has been squandered on foolish ventures and political schemes." She feels that she was meant for much more, and wishes to pledge her life and ply her talents in darker circles. She ends conversations with, "If only my mother would let me, I would make her proud."

When asked if Ingun is an alchemist, Ingun replies "I'm aspiring to earn that title, yes." According to Ingun, Master Elgrim says she's a natural; that she has a unique talent, but fears Elgrim's approval masks his intolerance for her mistakes.


Few and Far BetweenEdit

Ingun says her mistakes have wasted hard-to-get ingredients. The Dragonborn can complete Ingun's Task for her. The task entails collecting twenty nirnroot, twenty nightshade, and twenty deathbell. She pays 750 GoldIcon for these ingredients. When she is reminded "that was the last of the ingredients," she will hand over a key to access to her supply chest where she stores her creations. She will restock the chest in the back of Elgrim's Elixirs every few days.


  • "Hm? Sorry, just thinking about my experiments."
  • "My mind is on my experiments today. What did you need?"


  • In a conversation between Elgrim and his wife Hafjorg, she expresses worry about Ingun, mostly because of her oddity and how she tests her experiments on animals.


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